Most of the time there’s too much swimming my brain to focus on any one migraine-related challenge or triumph, so today I’m gonna copy one of my favourite blogs ( and make up some lists.


Things I’m pissy about:

Medication-induced dry mouth

Not being able to eat chocolate

Not being able to drink wine

Not being able to watch a movie

Not being able to eat other people’s food

Not being able to eat at restaurants without being that person

Perfume and cologne-filled everything, everyone, everywhere

Always RSVPing as “maybe”

Receiving unsolicited advice from people I barely know

Not being able to play the piano

Not being able to sing

Not being able to listen to music except at the softest volume

Not being able to go dancing on a Saturday night (or any other night)

Not knowing if I’ll get better, when I’ll get better, how much better I’ll get

Not knowing if I’ll have the choice to return to full-time teaching

The limits of western medicine in dealing with whole, live human beings with feelings

The limits of my benefits package that covers drugs, but not a single preventative treatment

Saving my energy all week for that one special event, and then having a pain attack when I’ve got one foot out the door, looking all dressed up and fine

Things I am grateful for:



Students who are so sweet that they stay after class to say thank you


Friends who come visit me when they know I can’t go out

Friends who send me pictures of their perfectly fat and adorable babies (keep ’em coming)

Peppermint oil

Heating pads

Foot rubs

Vanilla ice cream

Custom-made ear plugs

Second-hand shopping

Being pushed to consider future plans that are outside of my future-plans box


People who refrain from giving me advice and give me a hug instead

“Alternative” healers who baffle me with their knowledge, skill, and kindness

Other people with chronic pain who are brave and strong and inspiring, who have maintained their sense of humour all along (Jenni of comes to mind)


List #1 sure is a pain in my posterior, but list #2 makes it possible for me to keep getting up in the morning. If you’re on that second list: thank you.

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  1. Laurie Brown · · Reply

    Every time you post – you teach me something. Thank you!

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