infinite storms: dancing about migraine

Because a migraine attack is such a solitary experience by necessity, because it is so very hard to explain in words, because it can seemingly take over our entire being, and because it is invisible, it can be such an isolating force. Reading about other people’s experiences helps me. Having knowledgeable and caring doctors acknowledge my struggle helps me. Being believed and supported by my friends and family helps me.

But even all of that is sometimes not enough. I want to bear witness to the fact that I am not alone in a tangible way. I want to see it expressed in more than words. Which is why I am so very excited to see choreographer Nova Bhattacharya’s new show “infinite storms.”


Infinite Storms finds ways of making peace with pain

Infinite Storms, January 26-29, 2017 at The Theatre Centre (115 Queen Street West Toronto) featuring award-winning choreographer Nova Bhattacharya.

Bhattacharya’s new work is a revealing investigation into what she calls the uneasy alliance between the mind and body. Featuring Bhattacharya and four of Toronto’s most mesmerizing dancers – Kate Holden, Molly Johnson, Atri Nundy and Malar Varatharaja – Infinite Storms reflects Bhattacharya’s vision to integrate classical Indian dance into contemporary Canadian expression.

Sometimes the only way out, is through. In Infinite Storms, Bhattacharya uses her experience of accepting pain and making peace with it as inspirational source material for a work that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, creating a movement metaphor for the myriad of emotional and physical conditions we encounter in our lives.

“Migraines have given me an intimate view of the internal storms every human being experiences at some point, as an artist it is my job to give voice to this through my work,” notes Bhattacharya.

The ensemble of dancers in Infinite Storms draw on Toronto’s rich resource of dancetechniques; bharatanatyam dancers Bhattacharya, Nundy and Varatharaja with Holden and Johnson trained in Euro-American dance traditions. Together they create a contemporary aesthetic, offering an abstract narrative that is open and universal enough to be read from an individual viewpoint.

the brain sends messages to the body- telling it what to do

the body sends messages to the mind – telling it what to feel

the mind feels emotional pain – the body responds

and yet, so often the two seem to work in opposition:

the mind wants to stop, the body won’t let go

the body falls apart, the mind fights to stay alive

this – this is what I mean by uneasy alliance

Aaaaaaand, Nova Dance is offering a coupon code to us folks with migraine. Use MIGRAINE20 for $20 (instead of $30) tickets purchased before January 25th. 

Please join me in supporting this important and bound to be moving work, January 26th-29th by Nova Dance at The Theatre Centre (115 Queen Street West, Toronto).


Photographer: John Lauener

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