Your strategy said « tank tanks it, then dps dpss it » He said solo. Was just doing the daily with my friends. Commentaire de waarez Has a 0. While you can get it from the Call to Arms reward, the chance that it actually happens is too low to depend on it. Addon pour votre Inventaire stuf et retouche de votre équipements ReforgeLite Je n’ai pas trouvé encore trouvé pour la version 4. Make sure to spam Misdirect glyphed to your pet or you will pull aggro.

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For anyone wondering why I said blue beam at the beginning, if you take the green one off the start, you will be debuffed with it and if you cannot DPS him down in time he just will reset to full HP when he gets to the 2nd portal phase since you cannot take the green beam. Easy to solo as an 85 ret. Tels atlasllot l’instant précis où tel boss va lancer tel sort ou encore afficher en gros quel membre du raid est affecté par un debuff quelconque. Commentaire de Reaf This dropped for my group a few days ago and I was lucky enough to win the roll! Serenity beam does not refill your mana after it wears off, however it refills your mana when you first get it.

For anyone soloing, if you have a minion, be it a pet atlaaloot what have you, your pet cannot take a beam, so don’t bother trying.

Commentaire de Asmundr Since 5. This event has either changed since 4.

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While you can get it from the Call to Arms reward, the chance that it actually happens is too low to depend on it. Grosse mise à jour de mon poste.

Proto-Drake dropped times out of kills. A savoir des informations précises atlaspoot les combats de haut niveau. Please read before you call out people and downrank the wrong comments, kid. Quelques mots de remerciements seront grandement appréciés. But keep him near the back wall! Signaler Commenter la réponse de alcha the hunt.


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Note my gear isn’t the best after coming off being hacked. With experience, you can juggle running in and out to not have more than 30 stacks atlaslolt yourself by the ahlasloot of the portal phase, therefore not going below your normal health or requiring a second tank for that portal phase. Commentaire de taurenmoo In all the times I’ve run UP, since my main dinged 80 4 months ago, I’ve not seen the mount drop once, and even recently when I’ve been trying to do UP every day for the last 3 weeks have I not seen atlasloott.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Kamitis ASS Commentaire de hurin i solo’d netherspite today as an atlasooot protection paladin. Commentaire de Vaugn I just solo’ed Netherspite as 5.0.5 discipline priest pvp spec.

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Can you run this many times xtlasloot one day and be eligible, or only once per day? As a DPS warrior I found myself shouting into vent to the extent where my neighbors must have thought I was being brutally murdered because the person that had to take over my blue beam didn’t have his headphones on.

Contrairement à la version de base de Grid, on peut choisir de ne pas afficher les HoTs des autres healeurs. Only a warrior with a very good gear can make almost the same damage as the rogue.

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Looted the harpoons, shot him down and popped illus so I lost all threat illus tanked him, 50.5 atlas,ootTime Warp to get him down a.

Commentaire de Moeisha To all of you fellow blue proto-drake lovers: Also, if you have a problem with a post being downrated please to not make another post, you can send an email to one of the WoWhead staff stating why atlaspoot have a problem with it and negotiate it.


atlasloot 5.0.5

I don’t yet qtlasloot this mount but I have been farming it for a week or so. Commentaire de Shirash Not that it has any relevance to the discussion on the item much like half your post, in fact Commentaire de Ayklan My guild just downed netherspite last night, as a hunter pets really dont do anything in raid instances except sometimes help you pull or die.

The mobs of wolves and ranged val’kyr at the bottom of the steps, leading up to the hall with stuffed beasts, can be skipped.

Commentaire de Jhumanji I don’t know where you got that informationcalwezbut I’ve done this run over times and did the achievements at least 10 times and it didn’t drop on all those tries.

But you ask what if you lost the roll? Commentaire de shinigami27 It seems this guy would be simple enough to solo at level When walking through the ztlasloot filled hallway after Skadi takes off, it’s quicker and easier to pull every mob in this hallway to the end, and AoE them all down, assuming you are a high enough level to take on this many mobs at a time.

Btw i’ve already killed Skady 60 times and havn’t see mount. If it was not for him i would of won it. We were 4 friends and 1 random doing this instance, and as always, the random gets the rare stuff Still, I took him down legitally on my own.