online resources

 online resources

Chronically Badass: A Guide for the Young & Chronically Ill

This is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s awesome. It’s also FREE for immediate download, or you can donate any amount you choose.

Health Central

Articles by expert migraine awareness advocates Teri Robert and Cyndi Jordan are nicely laid out here by category. Refreshingly, this site focusses on the patient perspective.

This site covers it all. Really. A not very diverse but extremely knowledgeable and compassionate staff write about just about every aspect of dealing with migraine. Good for migraine newbies and vets. [I write for this publication. Read my articles here.]

Migraine 101 with Dr. Richard Lipton

Great short video that provides all the basics for treating migraine.

Understanding Persistent Pain: How to turn down the volume on persistent pain

This is an incredibly accessible mini-tutorial by “Know Pain” on how to make conscious decisions to start breaking chronic pain cycles. It is consistent with my own experience, and based on cutting-edge resources. Yay! Check it out.

You Look Great!

This plain-language report by Silvana Bazet explores the experiences of LGBT people living with invisible chronic illnesses and/or conditions. With anecdotes, facts, and advice, this is an excellent read for patients, caregivers, and health providers to promote understanding and offer helpful strategies.

Yoga by Esther Ekhart

I’ve been doing this free online class my Esther Ekhart weekly for almost three years and am not bored yet. It’s slow, meditative, flexible (in that viewers can choose poses that suit them) and seriously helps me with both prevention and recovery.

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